“Doing great things”: Classeq Eau de Vie Water System Wins Prestigious Green Award

21st August 2012

Green Apple ‘underlines the eco-credentials’ of alternative to conventional bottled waters. Classeq’s Eau de Vie bottled water system won a Green Apple Award in a presentation ceremony at the House of Commons. The awards, now in their 18th year, are run by The Green Organisation and are designed to celebrate environmental best practice and sustainable development.

The Awards cover a huge variety of activities – the 2011 winners included Volkswagen, Newham University Hospital Trust and Bolton Wanderers FC, covering everything from cars to training to programmes to protect honey bees.

Classeq received its Green Apple in the Green Practices category. Eau de Vie is an on-site system that offers a sustainable alternative to conventional bottled waters. It filters and chills mains water, which is then served in upmarket, reusable bottles. It produces both still and sparkling water.

As well as eliminating the handling, waste and food miles generated by conventional bottled water, Eau de Vie dramatically reduces a site’s carbon footprint. Using water supplied in disposable glass bottles results in 500 times more landfill waste and over 13 times the carbon footprint of the Eau de Vie system, while one trip PET bottles result in 40 times more waste and over four times as many CO2 emissions (Biothinking International, 2009). It is already used in many forward-thinking catering establishments including hotels, restaurants and universities.

A delighted Jim Jiwany, sales manager at Classeq Eau de Vie, commented:

“This Green Apple underlines both the functionality and the eco credentials of our system. Eau de Vie makes it easier for caterers to go green with an on-site bottled water system. As well as offering the front of house dispensers and bottles, we have developed the back of house services to support it – such as special wash racks for the reusable bottles.”

Master of ceremonies Michael Cooke, former environmental health officer and now a politician and environmental advisor, said that the awards were designed to motivate, encourage and support all those working on green projects and initiatives. Meanwhile the Rt. Hon. Liz Kendall MP, who hosted the event, commented that everyone attending was a winner, adding:

“Congratulations to you all – you are doing great things.”

Presenting the Awards was Chris Hopkins of Ploughcraft, the solar panel specialist whose green initiative recently made a big impression on the judges of TV show Dragon’s Den.

Eau de Vie from Classeq is designed to offer a ‘complete package’ on-site bottled water system for caterers. This includes pre- and after-sales support, from site-survey to commissioning, staff training and on-going maintenance. Systems are available to rent or buy.