Ice Cool And Collected

11th April 2013

With Ice-O-Matic you can rest assured you will have the ice just right for those chilled summer drinks. Classeq offers you a range of ice machines from Ice-O-Matic to give you options when it comes to keeping your customers cool this summer.

As Nick Burridge, Director of Sales at Classeq explains,

“As the summer approaches and we all begin to look forward to those hazy summer days, now is the time to make sure that all businesses serving beverages have thought about their ice requirements. Nowadays, ice machines can produce ice in a range of shapes and sizes so choosing the right solution is important to ensure you provide your customers with the best drinks possible.”

It is important for bars, hotels, restaurants and cafes are prepared to offer a diverse range of ice products to enhance the consumer experience and in order to do this they first need to decide what is going to be on the menu, what ice is required and how much ice is going to be needed during the peak operating hours. Armed with this information, choosing the right ice machine becomes a lot simpler.

As Nick explains,

“Establishments are having to offer a greater range of drinks than ever before and not all ice is suitable for all drinks. We offer a range of machines to provide the right ice for the situation, for example half-cube ice is perfect for blended drinks whilst pearl ice is great for smoothies and full cube ice lasts longer in drinks and cocktails.”

Through the distribution of the Ice-O-Matic range of ice machines, Classeq has a large range of affordable ice machines that produce great tasting, perfectly shaped ice every time. The machines produce long-lasting ice as individual thimbles, cubes, half cubes, pearled ice or flakes. A simple design also allows for easy access for staff and comes with an AgION antibacterial compound that reduces harmful bacteria growth and maintains the food safety of the ice between cleaning cycles.

As Nick concludes,

“The right ice is essential to enable your drinks to be the best they possibly can, enhancing the consumer experience and hopefully resulting in more return visits, helping your business to make the most of the summer too.”

Ice Cubes


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