It Takes More Than Pot Luck To Keep The Pans Clean!

30th May 2013

Classeq offers a range of utensil washers to clean all manner of pots and kitchen utensils.

Classeq is encouraging all larger hospitality establishments to consider the need for a bespoke utensil washer. Offering five models within the Viso range there is a unit to cope with pots, pans, commercial kitchen utensils as well as bakery trays and tote boxes.

Viso Utensil Washers have rack sizes from a standard 500mm width to 1320mm and the machines come with extra powerful, self-draining wash pumps, helping to ensure even the toughest ingredients and food products are removed.

As Nick Burridge, Director of Sales at Classeq explains,

“All too often we see establishments making use of regular dishwashers to clean their pots and pans. With the extra width and height from the Viso range there is more space available in the cabinet so less time is needed to fit pots and pans into the washer, and the extra powerful wash pumps provide the added assurance that the pots and pans are cleaned first time.”

Nick continues,

“For those establishments making use of staff to clean pots and pans, these machines help to remove some of the employment costs from the operation, and ensure that there is consistency in the wash process too with control over the temperature and cleanliness as a result. Although there is an initial investment in the unit it does help to take pressure off the other dishwashers too and means there is less left to chance to make sure the pots are properly cleaned.”

Machines come in different sizes and rack depths range from 600mm on the V50 model through to 700mm on the V132 and the useable wash chamber height ranges from 400mm on the V50 to 850mm on the V55H model. All of the machines can accommodate up to 30 racks per hour, perfect for even the busiest of kitchens.

All Viso machines come with double skin insulation, cantilevered opening doors and a choice of wash cycles making then safe, simple and easy to use.

Utensil Washers by Classeq


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