Pushing Forward With Ice-O-Matic As Summer Rolls In

29th June 2013

Classeq has released a guide to the different types of ice that are available from its range of ice machines in a bid to increase the use of different types of ice throughout the UK. As the distributor of Ice-O-Matic ice machines in the UK, Classeq is well placed to provide advice to maximise the benefits of these machines to users across the UK.

Classeq are encouraging bars, hotels and restaurants to be prepared to offer a diverse range of ice products with drinks, bearing in mind that the diversity of drinks menus todays means that often there is a need for more than one type of ice. Gone are the days when ‘one size fits all.’

As Nick Burridge, Director of Sales at Classeq explains,

“while ice machines can produce ice in a variety of shapes and sizes, not all ice is suitable for the same application. For example, ice served in a cocktail isn’t suitable for blended drinks.”

Essentially, there are five types of ice and depending on the size of the establishment and the overall drinks mix offered to customers will determine which machines will provide the best return on any investment made.

Half Cube Ice

This small, easy-to-handle ice is perfect for blended drinks because it breaks down easily and creates a smoother finish

Full Cube Ice

A long-lasting and larger cube that looks good in drinks and cocktails. It is also ideal for large volume applications like bagging and bulk cooling.

Gourmet Cube Ice

These ice cubes are cylindrical shaped, crystal clear cubes that enhance any drink and are especially suited to upmarket venues such as fine dining restaurants, receptions and convention centres.

Pearl Ice

Soft and chewable, pearl ice dispenses smoothly and displaces liquid better than cubes. It is great for smoothies and other soft drinks.

Flake Ice

The best ice for maintaining hydration and extending shelf life and the appearance of seafood and for use in cocktails.

Ice is a versatile product and as such care needs to be taken to make sure that you are using the best ice for the specific purpose. Classeq, through it’s range of Ice-O-Matic machines are well placed to help you in that decision making process.

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