Warewashing for Universities – An interview with TUCO

26th June 2015
What are the key design features of modern day warewashing equipment?

University caterers can face hundreds of customers every day, often in a short period between lectures or at lunchtimes. Caterers working in this busy environment need to be able to rely on their warewasher to prevent hold-ups and loss of custom; key to this is quick but powerful cycles which can speed up turnaround times of each wash.
Our ALTO 100CD, the ultra-compact rack conveyor dishwasher, capable of washing up to 100 racks per hour is ideal for a large catering establishment. It makes for a super-efficient dishwasher with its self-draining wash pump and radiused corners. It also comes with a corner hot air drying zone, which speeds up the overall washing time and ensures optimum hygiene.

How much training should staff have on using warewashing equipment?

Caterers shouldn’t have to be an expert on warewashing to be able to use their machine properly – they have more important things to be getting on with. Most modern machines are equipped with a range of features for ease of use, regardless of the experience within a team. For example, all Classeq machines come equipped with full width doors and removable internal racks to make cleaning as easy as possible. We also pride ourselves on our service and offer ongoing maintenance and support for all customers, 365 days a year.

That said, a machine still needs some care to maximise its lifespan. To ensure the health and longevity of a washer, caterers should be cleaning the machine regularly and thoroughly.

What one tip would you offer caterers looking to buy new warewashing equipment?

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all warewasher, and caterers should choose a machine that suits the space and footfall of their individual unit. Classeq have a range of warewashers to fit kitchens big and small.
Smaller units, such as an onsite café for example, can make up for reduced preparation areas with compact frontloading dishwasher which can whizz through 20 racks an hour at busier periods, but won’t take up unnecessary space. A large canteen feeding hundreds students and staff throughout the day on the other hand, is likely to have kitchen with more space and so can afford the highly efficient Classeq free-standing washer, capable of washing up to 130 racks per hour to keep up with volume demand.

Warewashers for Universities by Classeq