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Reliable and practical machines built specifically for hotels and designed for operation in rugged, high-use environments. Fingerprint-proof dispensing areas and oversized sinks to accommodate almost any size ice bucket. Machines dispense 1/4lb of cube ice per second. To be used in conjunction with our Modular Cube Ice Machines.

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Key Features

Pure Ice® Technology

Ensures protection from odour, bacteria and scaling.

Includes an AgION antimicrobial compound built-in to the critical food-zone components of the machine. This inhibits bacteria and slime fungus growth on ice maker surfaces by using a silver-ion based technology.

Touchless Dispensing

Eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

Oversized Sinks

Accommodates almost any size ice bucket and can dispense up to 1/4lb of of cube ice per second.


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